Our Story

Hi I'm Jo, founder of Little Moment's Melts. 

Jo Beardman, Little Moments Melts

Little Moments Melts initially started as a lockdown project in my utility room. My businesses were all shut down with covid restrictions so I needed something as a project to keep me busy. I've always loved candles and light them in my fireplace every evening. Over the years my husband has often commented that I should make them!

I did lots of research and joined every social media platform available to gather information on how to go about starting.

I started off with wax melts and when I conquered those I took the plunge with candles and reed diffusers. Initially, candle science fried my brain as each fragrance does not burn the same with the same size wick. It was a case of  testing and logging the information for each product I make to ensure that they comply with regulations. All a time consuming process.

I started selling my products in my salon and after lots of positive feedback I realised I could start a business. I moved out of the utility room to a room in the garden but outgrew that last year and we converted the whole of our home attic into a workshop for me.

The Little Moments Melts name came around one day as I was smelling a wax melt and my husband asked what I was doing and I replied Im having a little moment!!

Now, I travel all over the country attending shows and fairs where I have won several prizes for my trade stand. I hope to see you at one very soon!